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Hi-Five - Dauwd Selects His Favorite Tunes from the Kompakt Catalog

Dauwd isn't a prolific artist. Since he first surfaced a few years back, the London-based producer has issued only a handful of releases, first via the Pictures Music label and later for Ghostly International. Still, even with a relatively small discography, Dauwd has managed to turn heads; last year, he popped up in one of our Bubblin' Up features, and in February, he announced that his latest EP, Kindlinn, would soon see the light of day via the storied Kompakt imprint. The three-track effort—which is currently streaming in full online—was officially released this week, so we invited Dauwd to mark the occasion by participating in our Hi-Five series. As his selections demonstrate, his choice to link up with Kompakt wasn't a random one; the label has been influential in shaping Dauwd's sound, and he's elected to honor that by choosing his five favorite selections from Kompakt's extensive catalog. Read more » 

20 Questions - Teebs Talks New Album, Low End Theory, and Playing 'Street Fighter' with Flying Lotus

Next week, E S T A R A, the sophomore LP from extraordinarily talented visual artist and producer Teebs (a.k.a. Mtendere Mandowa) is set to land via Brainfeeder. Four years after his debut LP appeared and quickly became regarded as a classic, Teebs is returning with a similarly compelling second full-length, one which finds the SoCal artist more carefully developing his hazy jaunts through autumnal sonics while enlisting the help of Prefuse 73, Jonti, and others across E S T A R A's 12 tracks. In anticipation of the upcoming album, we tapped Teebs for a session of 20 Questions, and got the patient producer to discuss the challenges of making his new album, recount when he met Brainfeeder boss Flying Lotus for the first time, and tell us why—of all people—Dracula is his personal hero. Read more » 

Hi-Five - DJ Q Reminisces About His Five Favorite UK Garage Bootlegs

Over the course of the past decade, DJ Q (a.k.a. Shollen Quarshie) has dipped his toes into various strains of UK dance music, including grime, bassline, and garage. That being said, he's probably best known for his work in the latter genre, and has demonstrated a real talent for melding pop sounds with more inventive underground rhythms. Quarshie heads up his own Q Recordings imprint, but in recent years, he's also become one of the core artists on London's Local Action label, which will soon be issuing his debut LP, Ineffable. Ahead of the album's official release on March 31, we figured that an artist with such a wealth of musical knowledge would be a perfect subject for our Hi-Five series. DJ Q was up to the task, and racked his brain a bit before coming up with a list of his favorite UK garage bootlegs. Most of his selections are from the seminal late-'90s 2-step era, but he couldn't resist slipping in one newer cut that nonetheless sports an undeniably classic sound. Read more » 

Locals Only - Shit Robot Details His Five Favorite Spots in Stuttgart

DFA Records has been home to lots of artists over the years, but only a few have been as closely tied to the long-running label as Shit Robot (a.k.a. Marcus Lambkin). The Irish-born producer first met James Murphy in the early '00s while living in New York City, a connection he maintained even after relocating to Germany a few years later. Since 2006, he's been dropping releases fairly regularly on DFA, including his collaboration-driven debut LP from 2010, From the Cradle to the Rave. This week, Lambkin's second album, We Got a Love, will officially see the light of day. The record finds him once again teaming up with a number of artists, including DFA regular Nancy Whang, hip-house icon Lidell Townsell, and comedian Reggie Watts. These days, Lambkin makes his home in Stuttgart, so we figured we'd tap into his knowledge of his adopted hometown and have him tell us about a few of his favorite spots. Read more » 

20 Questions - Garnier Talks Teenage Radio Shows, Living in the South of France, and Paying Way Too Much for The KLF

At this point in his career, it would be hard to fault Laurent Garnier for taking some time off. With more than two decades in the business, the French-born DJ/producer has delivered a countless number of EPs and singles (the most prized of which is likely his 1993 acid-techno classic "Acid Eiffel"), along with a handful of diverse full-length albums, all while at different times holding down residencies at renowned clubbing destinations such as The Hacienda in Manchester, Frankfurt's Robert Johnson, and the Rex Club in Paris. As if that wasn't enough, Garnier also put in 18 years as a broadcast radio DJ in France, where he helped to push new trends in music and discover young artists before eventually launching his own 24-hour internet radio station, PBB, in 2003. Long story short, Laurent Garnier has done a lot, seen a lot, and heard a lot, and if the way he's begun 2014 is any indication, he is nowhere near letting up. Currently in the midst of delivering five releases with five different styles for five different labels (including 50Weapons, Still Music, and Musique Large), we tapped the longstanding French artist for the inaugural edition of our new 20 Questions series; he answered our queries, and in the process managed to share a little insight about how he's kept the fire burning for the past 25 years. Read more » 

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