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Lemonade Lemonade

Song titles say it all on Lemonade's eponymous debut. "Big Weekend" and "Blissout" are armed with the populist approach that you'd expect–a psychedelic hodgepodge of samples, wonky synths, and tumbling percussion for the indie-kid dance set.… Read more »

Various Manoeuvres 2: A Collection of Vancouver Electronica

Oh, Canada--and specifically Vancouver, the city American Pacific Northwesterners covet for its international vibe, metro-chic, and, of course, music scene.… Read more »


Various Body Language VI: Junior Boys

Junior Boys’ own music is so layered with nostalgia and longing that it’s fair to presume that they understand the emotive power of the mixtape: the C90 (and, subsequently, CD-R80) as not only an expression of aesthetics but also as a document of… Read more »

Various Wayfaring Strangers: Guitar Soli

A collection of solo finger-picked acoustic guitar recordings from the 1970s may not seem the obvious move for The Numero Group, the Chicago label known for releasing obscure soul and freak-folk.… Read more »

Steve Aoki Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles

As DJ of the celebs and a CobraSnake fixture, Steve Aoki is often discredited as an over-hyped hipster. Fortunately Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles, his debut mix, mostly ditches the glitz for a quality listen of fun and danceable remixes.… Read more »

The Dynamics Version Excursion

Combine a multinational trio of vocalists, a visionary French producer, an American dubmaster, and a handful of timeless, iconic tunes from the ’50s to the ’90s, and you have a recipe for brilliance.… Read more »

Martin Atkins China Dub Soundsystem Made in China

Martin Atkins, ex-Public Image Ltd. drummer and industrial vet, is a tourist anxious to show off his souvenirs from Beijing.… Read more »

Various Cinematic: Classic Film Music Remixed

Considering the historical significance of the film … Read more »

Various Caravan of Light

Supporting the idea that art is the greatest armament against war, this CD of Persian- and Asian-inspired music accompanies a short political film of the same name.… Read more »

Various The Portable Supersound

The 12 tracks here encompass a broad range of styles and moods to augment your headspace in multifaceted ways.… Read more »


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