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Digital Mystikz Urban Ethics

Mala and Coki, better known as Digital Mystikz, are dubstep OGs. Considering how much that word and that scene have gone through since DM's first release in 2004, it's surprising that their music still hits as hard as it does.… Read more »


Various Artists Worth the Weight: Bristol Dubstep Classics

Tom Ford's Punch Drunk label wasn't Bristol's first big dubstep imprint—that honor goes to Rob "Pinch" Ellis' Tectonic Records, established in 2005 to release material by Moving Ninja, Loefah, and Random Trio—but the label's commitment to broad m… Read more »

Maddslinky Make a Change

Seven years after his LP, Make Your Peace, paved the way for what the whole world now calls dubstep, Maddslinky is back. In fact, he never actually went away, but the recent popularity of music inspired by his early work has brought the man also known as Zed Bias back to everyone's attention. … Read more »


Oriol Night and Day

There's a special rush one gets driving down the freeway en route to a club or concert on a Saturday night. White and red brake lights blink and glow in traffic, wind rushes by, and fluorescently lit buildings create a halo above the city.… Read more »

Kode9 DJ-Kicks

Kode9's relationship with dubstep has always been an uneasy one, but with this latest DJ-Kicks installment, his avoidance of the genre is as much a political statement as it is an issue of taste.… Read more »

Guido Anidea

For all the talk in 2009 about Bristol's next generation of dubstep producers—largely centered around the hip-hop- and G-funk-influenced "Purple Trinity" of Joker, Gemmy, and Guido—it's almost shocking how quickly the bass music landscape has cha… Read more »

Jahcoozi Barefoot Wanderer

If the band-name pun doesn't tip you off as to Jahcoozi's, um, energy, singer Sasha Perera will not leave you in the dark for long.… Read more »

Roska Rinse Presents Roska

For all the ink devoted to the rise and seemingly endless mutations of UK funky, the genre is notably devoid of full-length albums. Granted, the lightning-quick pace of London bass music doesn't exactly lend itself to thoughtful, drawn-out masterworks, but other than Geeneus' tone-setting 2008 LP, Volumes: One, there has been a parade of virtually nothing but singles and EPs, even from the biggest names in the scene. One of those names has undoubtedly been Roska (a.k.a. Wayne Goodlitt), whose steady stream of drum-heavy production, not to mention his ubiquitous "Roska Roska Roska" drop, bridged the gap between bottle-service clubs and the underground and played a huge role in putting funky on the map. … Read more »


Scuba Triangulation

Among the myriad skills Paul Rose (a.k.a. Scuba) possesses is putting his projects in a right, tight context before the music even begins.… Read more »

Mux Mool Skulltaste

If one used producer Brian Lindgren's debut album as the basis for psychoanalysis, it would be almost immediately apparent that under his musical moniker, Mux Mool, the man suffers from multiple personality disorder.… Read more »


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