Zomby "Things Fall Apart (feat. Panda Bear)"

Well, today is just a day of long-awaited singles, isn't it? Adding his own work into the mix is the elusive Zomby, who makes good on his recent signing to 4AD with a track from the forthcoming Dedication LP (which is apparently "a dedication to someone much loved and missed") that features indie/electronic music mainstay Panda Bear handling the vocal duties. Truthfully, if you know what new Zomby tracks sound like, and you know what Panda Bear's voice sounds like, you'll know exactly what "Things Fall Apart" sounds like: Skittering garage rhythms, bleepy-bloopy synth sounds, over-sized bass tones, and cavernous croons abound. We'll hear what else Zomby's new full-length has to offer when it drops on July 11. (via FACT)

Things Fall Apart (feat. Panda Bear)

Things Fall Apart (feat. Panda Bear)

Things Fall Apart (feat. Panda Bear)

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