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Yoni Wolf's Favorite Things

Anticon's psychedelics bandleader, Yoni Wolf, talks about a few of his favorite things.

An Empty Stomach
I prefer to record on an empty stomach. If I eat something, I will just sit around and never get anything done. But after I'm finished I like to go to some hotshot Vietnamese place and get the greasiest thing. And you gotta have dessert, vegan cookies or something.

Old Beck Stuff
I'm not into that "two turntables and a microphone" stuff. I'm talking about One Foot in the Grave. That's the shit. That's his first record that I know of, it came out on K Records. It's got Calvin Johnson singing on it and it's really raw–just acoustic guitar and floor tom and vocals.

Roland VS880
I used this digital 8-track lot on Elephant Eyelash. I would put the track I was working on onto it, then take it to my brother's house to record drum sounds and bring it back home and put that stuff on my computer. The next record I'm not doing on computers–I'm thinking of getting a big tape machine.

A Backpack
I always carry this old orange-and-tan backpack I got at a garage sale. It's only got two pockets and inside are shitloads of papers and scraps–"to do" lists, customs papers. I'm the guy at the airport who has to rifle through 50 million pages to find what they're looking for.

Red Hooded Sweatshirt
I only wear stuff that's used or that somebody gives to me. It's good to just have one sweatshirt–I don't have room to be carrying all types of shit. I just left my favorite red hooded sweatshirt in LA. It was a pullover, but I'd like a zip up if anybody has one. I've been looking for one for 12 years.

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