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Bitter Bastard: City to City

You know, cities got problems just like people do. There's a lot of shit-talking, a lot of jealousy, a lot of "grass is greener"-type stuff that goes down. And a really, really important therapy technique to just, you know, work through all this anger is just to write down your feelings on paper and get it all out. We were hearing a lot of he-said/she-said going on from some towns we know so we were like, "You know what? Stop being a coward. Just say it to their face. Just say it to their fucking face, you big babies." So here it is, brutal honesty to and from your favorite places.


Team Shadetek: Native Grime

New York City isn't a place that people can leave easily. Ask Team Shadetek's Matt Schell and Zach Tucker. In 2004, the grime/hip-hop/IDM-fusing production duo, both native Manhattanites, decamped to Berlin, paid minimal rent, and made music full-time. But they couldn't stay away from their hometown for long.


Wowch's Favorite Things

Here is a short list of things Wowch finds funny: pugs smoking doobs, pandas flipping the bird, dragons with beer cans. Not coincidentally, these are themes you'll find on the New York-based brand's t-shirts, whose psychedelic-meets-thrift-meets-Bill & Ted's aesthetic is not for wallflowers. Wowch was started in 2003 by Columbus, Ohio expats Matt Shankman and Max Cattaneo, who like to listen to Delia & Gavin and claim ducks as their spirit animal. It has since morphed into a full-time job, albeit one that is not too serious. Read more » 

LCD Soundsystem In The Studio

Some might say that James Murphy leads two lives: frontman of the disco-friendly LCD Soundsystem, and mixmaster behind the DFA production duo, who has given everyone from The Rapture to Nine Inch Nails a flattering sonic facelift. But whether it's making underground dance hits like "Losing My Edge" or brushing up Top 40 fare, it's Murphy's straight-ahead work ethic that keeps him sane–and one of the most in-demand producers and remixers in the game. Read more » 

Sizzla: Jam Hot

Depending on the song, Sizzla Kalonji's voice can be filled with suffering, righteous anger, yearning, or vitriol–sometimes he traverses this entire spectrum on a single 7-inch. But there is one constant that unifies his expansive catalog: a tangible, unrivalled passion. Read more » 

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