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Greensleeves: Celebrating 30 Years

If Island was the label that brought Jamaican music to the world, it was London-based Greensleeves Records that made sure the music's core of international fans kept their crates full with the latest tunes outta yard. Currently home to Vybz Kartel, Busy Signal, and Macka Diamond, among others, the label is as relevant today as it was during the late '70s and early '80s, when it issued breakthrough albums from such dancehall luminaries as Barrington Levy and Yellowman. Read more » 

Mathematics: Bee Teamers

The highlights of producer Mathematics' Wu Tang and Friends: Unreleased (Nature Sounds) don't come from Raekwon or Ghostface (though both make appearances), but rather unsung Shaolin soldiers like the currently incarcerated Superb (of American Cream Team and Supreme Clientele fame) and M-Speed, who was shot and killed in '03. Read more » 

Bitter Bastard: City to City

You know, cities got problems just like people do. There's a lot of shit-talking, a lot of jealousy, a lot of "grass is greener"-type stuff that goes down. And a really, really important therapy technique to just, you know, work through all this anger is just to write down your feelings on paper and get it all out. We were hearing a lot of he-said/she-said going on from some towns we know so we were like, "You know what? Stop being a coward. Just say it to their face. Just say it to their fucking face, you big babies." So here it is, brutal honesty to and from your favorite places.


Team Shadetek: Native Grime

New York City isn't a place that people can leave easily. Ask Team Shadetek's Matt Schell and Zach Tucker. In 2004, the grime/hip-hop/IDM-fusing production duo, both native Manhattanites, decamped to Berlin, paid minimal rent, and made music full-time. But they couldn't stay away from their hometown for long.


Wowch's Favorite Things

Here is a short list of things Wowch finds funny: pugs smoking doobs, pandas flipping the bird, dragons with beer cans. Not coincidentally, these are themes you'll find on the New York-based brand's t-shirts, whose psychedelic-meets-thrift-meets-Bill & Ted's aesthetic is not for wallflowers. Wowch was started in 2003 by Columbus, Ohio expats Matt Shankman and Max Cattaneo, who like to listen to Delia & Gavin and claim ducks as their spirit animal. It has since morphed into a full-time job, albeit one that is not too serious. Read more » 

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