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TTC: Antics Roadshow

It's right up there with "all black people have rhythm" and "Asians can't drive": "The French," goes the old, familiar stereotype, "take themselves too seriously." What a crock. These are the people who gave the world Molière, La Cage Aux Folles, and Daft Punk; they worship slapstick legend Jerry Lewis, for God's sake. Yet for some reason we cling to our image of the French as laughably solemn intellectuals, sipping café au lait and reading Camus.


Paul Epworth: Totally Epic

Puff Daddy? He's got no flow," says British producer Paul Epworth, clicking a mouse on a cluttered desk in the cozy West London studio where he does most of his work. Gnarly, clanging electro blasts from the speakers. Two minutes later, an unremarkable Diddy verse enters the fray. Then all hell breaks loose.


The Art of Emory Douglas

The history of the Black Panther Party is filled with the bold-faced names of key leaders, martyrs, and political prisoners. But as Black Panther: The Revolutionary Art of Emory Douglas (hardcover; Rizzoli, $35) demonstrates, those images of raising fists and black berets wouldn't have become such iconic images of black pride without the benefit of Douglas' bold graphic design and communication savvy.


Henrik Schwarz's Artist Tips

Henrik Schwarz's latest mix disc, part of the venerable !K7 DJ-Kicks series, isn't quite what you might expect from the man who's been redefining tech-house for the past couple of years. Instead, he folds together Moondog's bop-jazz classic "Bird's Lament" with Double's low-slung house jam "Woman of the World" and carries on through tracks from iO, James Brown, and Pharaoh Sanders while injecting moments of electro-tech greatness from Drexciya and Rob Hood with aplomb. How does he do it? Read more » 

Dusty Grooves: Treasures Uncovered

For better or worse, the idea of a "lost" album almost no longer exists. Whether it's the effect of the internet's hyper-real search possibilities, or simply collectors' affinity for uncovering that which remains to be uncovered, the reissue movement is in full swing, with venerable curators like Soul Jazz leading the charge.


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