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Best of 2007 by Dust La Rock

A Brooklyn-based graphic design bad man looks to the past and the future.

Best Artist
Ghostland Observatory.

Best Album
James Pants. I'm wearing it already.

Worst Album
Will.I.AM. Just the thought of it is bad karma.

Best Single/12"
Spiral Tribe’s entire back-catalogue reissue.

Best Record Label
Network 23.

Best Live Event/Festival
Yellow Magic Orchestra, live on Soul Train circa 1982. My life has never been the same.

Best City and/or Scene
The button-up shirt scene in Sacramento/Seattle is pretty big. I'd have to say Seattle takes the cake though.

Best DJ
Vin Sol.

Best Music Trend
The ’70s.

Worst Music Trend
The ’80s.

Biggest/Best Music-Related Beef of 2007:
So Me vs. Parra. Dutch kids called So Me out for biting Parra. He responded with a message via MySpace (bad look, he should have played it cool), which was quickly taken down.

Electronic Gadget You Can't Live Without:
My taser. Never leave home without it.

Best Visual Artist
Kris Kuksi

Best Shoe
Adidas Micropacer. Timeless.

Best Clothing Label
Perks & Mini. I just can't afford any of it.

Best Style Trend
Death of the all-over print.

Worst Style Trend

Best Media Item
Alejandro Jodorowsky DVD box set.

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2 comments Best of 2007 by Dust La Rock

Cubik (not verified) Wrote

Thu, 12/20/2007 - 20:43

Some great picks here but I wonder about the inclusion of Spiral Tribe and their 'Network 23'.
'back in the day' in knew some of the spiral tribe crew and was at some of their shows. Great times.
However, after the move from the UK to mainland Europe (primarily Europe) they started getting , what we would call, messy. Heavily involved in very hard drug use and numerology (google 23 and numerology). Perhaps could be seen as an indication of their desire to pursue all things good, etc. but my experience of that side of the party people was dark and certainly not party orientated.

Cubik (not verified) Wrote

Thu, 12/20/2007 - 20:44

typo: the move from UK to mainland Europe (primarily Holland)...

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