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The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 2

Death In June Brown Book 20th Anniversary Edition (NERUS/Soleilmoon)

Over the last decade, no band has gotten me as psyched as Australia’s Death In June. Between the crushing 909 electro of 1984’s Nada! and the disturbing noise-folk of 2001’s All Pigs Must Die, this always-evolving group (revolving around singer/musician Douglas P.) has become an outfit of legendary status, one controversial and unpredictable affair at a time. Whether it’s Douglas P. teaming up with Mute Records’ experimentalist Boyd Rice (a.k.a. NON) or working with Current 93’s David Tibet and Der Blutharsch’s Albin Julius, the man has constantly released exquisitely packaged (and usually quite limited) records, boxed sets, and even fine china.

For the 20th anniversary of the band’s experimental neo-folk release, Brown Book, Soleilmoon is reissuing it in its entirety, along with a 14-track bonus disc filled with remixes, rarities, and outtakes of the title track. Did I mention that this radical offering comes encased boxed in a round, hand-carved stone box with a ‘Totenkopf 6’ carved in it? Uh, intense! Oh, and it comes with a bundle of exclusive photos, “information cards,” and four sew-on runic patches for your militant-goth fashion needs. For 55 bucks (plus an additional $20 to ship this heavy mammoth), I see no better way to ring in this holiday than with the powerfully dark and introspective brooding of one of post-industrial’s most quintessential outfits.

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