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The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 8

Gee Vaucher Artwork

The odds of receiving an original piece of work from England-based artist Gee Vaucher are slim, unless someone is ready to fork over thousands upon thousands of dollars for one of her seminal DIY collages or surrealist paintings. Best known for her work with the anarchist punk band Crass, Vaucher has created introspective, politically charged protest art for well over 40 years. And when you’re 13 and as psyched on Crass as I was, receiving a humongous bonus pull-out poster with one of the band’s albums was pretty monumental shit.

While I may have missed out on the revolutionary lifestyle that Vaucher and the Crass family forged for themselves at the Dial House farm cottage in the ’80s, I’m still just as stoked on the music and art of that long-gone community. Fortunately for me, the Jack Hanley Gallery, right here in San Francisco, is hosting Introspective, a solo exhibition of Vaucher’s work with Crass from 1977 to 1984 on Friday, December 14. Maybe I can’t afford Vaucher’s classic image of The Statue of Liberty bawling or any of the other original album art that inspired kids to flip off cops and go vegetarian, but at least I’ll get to experience it firsthand with some free wine and good bros. That’s still kinda punk, right?

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