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Getting Restless: London's Snappers

You may not know what to call the hybrid house sounds being made by Jesse Rose, Solid Groove, and company, but there's no mistaking its potent mix of mind-numbingly crisp techno/house beats, gritty, sample-riddled melodies, and bassbin-blowing sub-sonics–or its effectiveness on a dancefloor. UK Magazine DJ came close earlier this year when they dubbed the genre "fidget house," but even this catchy turn-of-phrase fails to encapsulate the whole essence of the sound.


Ice Cold: Trentemøller Steps Out

"Making The Last Resort (Poker Flat) was a very personal thing for me," asserts Anders Trentemøller of his debut long-player. "It was like therapy. The music on the album reflects my life, my thoughts, my needs, my insecurities, my longings. It was a very lonely process."


Annuals: Normals That Deliver

The Panera Bread Company in downtown Chapel Hill, NC is filled with a bunch of average Joes hunched over pricey sandwiches. Picking at chips and sipping cups of soup, no one in the joint bats an eyelash at recent Ace Fu signees Annuals, who've seated themselves at a big table by the entrance. This air of indifference has nothing to do with Panera's generally square patronage, or even the fact that Annuals are far from famous. Rather, its members blend in pretty convincingly with the clientele.


Mixed Signals: Digital Dillema

Think back to that first time that you saw a laptop onstage at a club. Now think back to the last time you didn't see one onstage. It's no stretch to say that the digital world has taken over music production and, to a lesser extent, performance, with hardware/software combinations firmly establishing their place in the live music pantheon beside guitars, turntables, and drum machines.


Fidget House: A Guide

A guide to these five producers' many aliases.

Members: Dave Taylor & Jesse Rose
Where it all started. Induceve is an amalgamation of crunchy, cut 'n' paste Herbert-style house and samples ranging from hip-hop to dub to folk. Their Pick It Up EP (Dubsided) was the first officially dubbed "fidget."

Members: Trevor Loveys & Dave Taylor

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