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Derrick Hodgson's Favorite Things

Derrick Hodgson (also known as Mad Real) creates crazy, chaotic worlds populated by floaters, poppers, peepers, and sprouts–doodled characters that are mixed-up and pastel-colored, but with personalities not unlike those found on Earth. The bearded Hodgson grew up on a farm north of Toronto, and even though he now calls the big city home, he keeps in touch with nature, surrounding himself with light, plants, and animals, and subsists mainly on ale and wild blueberry pie. Read more » 

Efdemin: Techno Tear-Jerker

"If house is a nation," exhorts a sample on Efdemin's Chicago-indebted "Just a Track," "I want to be President. If you vote for me, I promise I will deliver you even more bass, even more soul, longer hours on the dancefloor, DJs who believe as we believe."


Devin the Dude: To Put it Bluntly

It all started with a race.

Devin Copeland was in the sixth grade, chilling with his friend Boomer after school when the other boy pulled out a joint.


That '70s Something

For as long as we've been alive, the '70s have been lampooned via strap-on Afros, bad pimp costumes, and sketch comedy gags set to pop-disco anthems like "Y.M.C.A." and "It's Raining Men." But the decade also gave us a veritable bible full of real musical heroes. Read more » 

Just Jeremy: A Book That Bares All

From toys to tees to treads, Sydney, Australia-based Jeremyville is a tireless supporter of the myriad manifestations of our generation's style and design. Read more » 

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