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Just Jeremy: A Book That Bares All

From toys to tees to treads, Sydney, Australia-based Jeremyville is a tireless supporter of the myriad manifestations of our generation's style and design. Read more » 

Milanese: Birmingham Bass

Birmingham, UK's reputation as a bombed-out, concrete wasteland is slowly changing, but you'd never know that listening to the music of Steve Milanese. After leaving London in favor of the birthplace of Judas Priest, Godflesh, and Duran Duran over three years ago, Milanese and his friends found themselves desperate and miserable. "I wrote a lot of angry music here 'cos I was broke," he says. "And when I had to finally get a job it really sucked. Read more » 

C-Mon & Kypski: Channeling Vibes

C-Mon & Kypski are big in Morocco... sort of. Seeking inspiration for their latest album, Where the Wild Things Are, the four-man hip-hop/electronic group spent a month driving around the Moroccan desert in an RV filled with turntables and samplers, having adventures and writing music. Though the album title was inspired by Maurice Sendak's classic children's book, producer/beatmaker Simon "C-Mon" Akkermans says that it didn't stick as a theme until the Morocco trip. Read more » 

Three New Music Documentaries

Tapes N' Tapes

What Is It? Cosmic

Sometimes Gomma's DJ Mooner and Balihu's Danny Wang have the same wet dream. They're in a ritzy club in a seaside town just south of the Italian resort Rimini, and it's 1977 and they're dancing slowly, oh so slowly, like swimming through syrup while a DJ in a glass elevator moves up and down between two dancefloors.


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