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Michoacan: Catch the Fever

From his mile-a-minute chatter, you'd never know Fernando Miranda Rios is fighting a fever. Rios is high on Cubase VST plug-ins, rave memories, and the tracks he makes as Michoacan–and there's some cold medicine in the mix too.


Possessed: A Long Gone John Story

Long Gone John collects things: stuffed animals Edward Gorey sewed himself, big-eyed Margaret Keane dolls from the 1950s, prescription pill bottles that once belonged to famous people (he owns Debbie Harry's Prozac). Read more » 

Justin Broadrick In The Studio

Since defining grindcore with Napalm Death when he was only 15, Justin Broadrick has made a career out of destroying and rebuilding the rules of heavy music. Best known for his role in the seminal metal band Godflesh, Broadrick's many aliases mask a discography of genre-spanning experimentation. His work with Kevin Martin (a.k.a. The Bug) as Techno Animal predates the half-step pacing of dubstep; solo aliases like Tech Level 2 and Final explore everything from drum & bass to ambient drone.


Scene Points: Micro-Music DVDs

Experimental Everything

Joakim: My Pet Monsters

The last time I spoke to Joakim Bouaziz he was laughing, albeit a bit nervously. On the phone from the Parisian office of Tigersushi, the website and label he helped found, the lanky French producer/DJ/sometime-guitar player wondered aloud how his next gig would be received. "I played already a couple times [at Fabric], but as a DJ... and on New Year's Eve, live''m really wondering," he said with a chuckle. "And between Erol Alkan and Justice? Read more » 

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