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Swayzak's Artist Tips

As Swayzak, U.K. tech-house dons James Taylor and David Brown have been honing their revelry-inducing craft for more than a decade. With several albums under their belt, year-round DJ duties, and a knack for exciting artistic reinvention, Swayzak has achieved master status in the dance-music community. Their latest disc, a 10th anniversary offering entitled Some Other Country (!K7), is all the proof the world needs to confirm these peak-hour blasters' penchant for creating hedonistic bangers full of heady atmospherics. Read more » 

What Is It? Krautrock

When critics use "Krautrock" as a descriptor, they usually mean the mesmerizing motorik rhythms pioneered by Can and Neu!, as exemplified by "Mother Sky" and "Hallogallo," respectively. Awesome touchstones for a genre, but they represent merely a tiny fraction of the music that emerged from Germany during Krautrock's Golden Age (1968-1974).


Politikin': The Beat Goes On

Having transplanted himself from New Zealand to the U.K. Read more » 

Daft Punk's Robot Rock

After a cool reception following its limited North American release this summer, Electroma (Vice Records, $19.99), the feature-length movie written and directed by Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, will be released straight-to-DVD this month.


Mashed Up: Thrash Crew

After three years of dedication from co-directors and videographers Mike Martin and Gabe Morford, San Francisco's fixed-gear mafia MASH SF will finally release their MASH DVD this month. As Martin's and Morford's guerrilla-style camera work (two cameras on scooters, skateboards, cars, and bikes) and the riders' talent rapidly improved throughout filming, the two cut out early footage in favor of superior newer scenes–as a result, the project took longer than anyone expected. Read more » 

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