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Modeselektor: To The Max(imal)

Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary of Modeselektor are wearing their hearts on their sleeves–but not in the tender, emo sense. Instead, they’re rocking oversized cotton tees emblazoned with a huge slogan: “Minimal My Ass.” This phrase, created by graphic designer Paul Snowden (of “Wasted German Youth” fame), is practically custom tailored for them. It’s simple, loud, and it boldly talks about ass. It could have only come from Berlin. Read more » 

What Is It? Nerdcore

Not so long ago, hackers listened to Skinny Puppy and could barely get a date through the S&M BBS. But these days, a dude like YT Cracker is just as likely to be famous for his lyrical prowess as he is for digitally invading NASA’s data systems.


XLR8R Does Oslo

Besides being an incredibly well organized festival (only Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse cancelled) with a sweet, eclectic lineup, Norway’s Oyafestivalen also happens to be ideally situated in the middle of gorgeous Oslo, home of Ringnes beer, extremely tall women, and an infinite number of 7-Eleven stores. Read more » 

MP3 Blogs: Musical Democratization

The term “post-rock” initially referred to the way non-traditional use of guitars and drums revitalized indie rock. Nowadays, “post” could just as likely mean an MP3 blog entry, and the “rock”… well, that’s subjective. Music has gone from being heavily distilled by journalists agonizing over every prefix to being immediately offered up on the internet as a daily fix. This democratization has created a new online currency: a potential arms race for exclusive soundbites and–maybe more importantly–cool points.


Oslo’s Oya Festival

Held annually in August on the ruins of a medieval castle, Oslo’s Oya Festival is probably one of the most manageable, relaxing, and organized major music fests anywhere. While Nine Inch Nails, Tool, and Justice were among the top draws at this year’s edition, Oya’s main thrust is showcasing a mixed bag of local Norwegian acts. Here’s a look at some of the good ones.

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