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Dusty Grooves: Treasures Uncovered

For better or worse, the idea of a "lost" album almost no longer exists. Whether it's the effect of the internet's hyper-real search possibilities, or simply collectors' affinity for uncovering that which remains to be uncovered, the reissue movement is in full swing, with venerable curators like Soul Jazz leading the charge.


Crystal Castles: Beer Money

Ethin is so pissed right now. His band, Crystal Castles, was scheduled to perform in New York, when everything went tits up at the Canada/U.S. border. "Basically, the cops took one look at us rolling up, didn't even ask us a question. The officer just got on his walkie-talkie and said, 'I've got a white Malibu that I'm bringing into the garage,'" states the multi-instrumentalist. "The garage door closes behind us, and we're locked in there for seven hours, because they're sure we stole [the car]. Read more » 

EL-P: A Scanner, Darkly

It seems a lifetime ago. Destruction screaming through the air, deep into the city, smashing into the skyline's metal-and-glass spines. The nation cocooning into fear, paranoia, and delusion, succumbing to hallucinations of wholeness via consumerism, a population drugged to grab the party line and move to the front of the checkout line. As if nothing ever happened.


Five Star By RJD2

Expanding upon the themes of the primarily instrumental Since We Last Spoke (Definitive Jux), The Third Hand finds former sampling maestro RJD2 doing his own drum programming, instrumentation, and vocals.


Graniph: Wrap Battle

Japanese and German design sensibilities are generally thought to be some of the most refined in the world, so it should come as no surprise that one of the hottest graphically focused clothing lines on earth comes from a creative combination of the two. Started in 2000 by German expats living in Tokyo, Graniph has been consistently knocking out some of the most exquisitely produced gear in a city where progressive fashion is nothing short of ubiquitous. Read more » 

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