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Complicated Fun: Photo-Anarchy

Imagine yourself at a warehouse party in downtown L.A. The lead singer of Good Charlotte is here, and Fez from That 70's Show is kicking it with three girls from Steve Aoki's "Top 8." A dude with a complicated haircut is doing a drunk slip 'n' slide over spilled beer on the dancefloor. This is a cool party–at least, it looks that way from the pictures.


Fergadelic: Prog to Pushead

Fergus Purcell (a.k.a. Fergadelic) was born in 1970, and the decade hasn't stopped influencing him since. The iconic, hyper-literal designs and logos he's created for Silas, Hysteric Glamour, X-Girl Japan, and his own Tonite label often combine the stoner aesthetics of prog rock and classic metal with a subversive sense of humor that seems straight from the pages of Robert Crumb and Viz comics. Read more » 

John Tejada: Of Sound Mind

John Tejada is searching through a copy of his latest CD, Cleaning Sounds Is a Filthy Business (Palette), trying to find this one track he likes to play in his DJ sets. "No, it's not that one," he mutters, hitting the skip button. "I always get all the titles mixed up. I've always been bad at my own titles."


Unai: Ethereal Romance

After dawn breaks over the quaint university town of Uppsala, Sweden, many residents find themselves sharing their morning with Erik Möller. An anchor for Swedish National Radio, he kickstarts weekdays with news, weather, and traffic, enunciating with the type of steely efficiency many assume is a national character trait.


Flying Lotus' Artist Tips

L.A.-based instrumental hip-hop sculptor Flying Lotus (a.k.a. Steve Ellison) is a concept man first, gear hound second. His opus, 1983, is entirely indicative of that recording philosophy, and you'll hear how his eerie, electro-fractured sounds are hardly the product of Guitar Center-studio foolery. Instead, they come from a place of mental organization, far away from the world of gear shops and plug-in downloads. Here, Ellison walks us through some important components in making a Flying Lotus recording.


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