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Tracey Thorn: English Rose

Tracey Thorn released a solo album once before. But while 1982's A Distant Shore has recently been dubbed "the greatest album you have never heard," you're probably more familiar with the singer from her collaboration with Massive Attack and long-running stint in Everything But The Girl, a duo formed with partner Ben Watt.


Videogames: The New Indie Label?

Seven years ago, when *NSync's "Bye Bye Bye" ruled pop radio, if someone had predicted that I'd someday like a song by Justin Timberlake called "Sexy Back," I would've been insulted. Yet, all these years later, I do like "Sexy Back," which is either totally embarrassing or proves the following: Good music doesn't always come from where you'd expect.


Dolphin & Teknoist: Manchester Metal

There's a steady noise pounding away in the middle of England, a kick-drum heartbeat coming from Manchester that's pushing 200 BPMs and beyond. It's the new sound of hardcore as made by Greg Dolphin and Mike Teknoist, old friends who are absolutely mental about pushing the merger between hardcore and breakcore to its logical extremes.


Clara Hill: The Newest of Nu-Soul

While the rest of the world is being buzzed awake by alarms, cinching up their ties, and rushing out the door to catch the commuter train, Clara Hill takes an all-together different approach to life. Hill stops to smell the roses. She listens to the wind rustling the leaves of trees, birds chirping off in the distance, and couples whispering to each other on a nearby park bench. In short, she takes in the world around her and uses it as the creative fuel for her deeply personal musical compositions.


TTC: Antics Roadshow

It's right up there with "all black people have rhythm" and "Asians can't drive": "The French," goes the old, familiar stereotype, "take themselves too seriously." What a crock. These are the people who gave the world Molière, La Cage Aux Folles, and Daft Punk; they worship slapstick legend Jerry Lewis, for God's sake. Yet for some reason we cling to our image of the French as laughably solemn intellectuals, sipping café au lait and reading Camus.


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