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Au Revoir Simone: Lynch-Pop

Au Revoir Simone's Annie Hart is on the phone from a tour stop in Munich. She's just finished sound-check and is stoked on her monitor mix. It's a simple pleasure–but then again, simple pleasures are what Au Revoir Simone is all about. Since 2003, the Brooklyn trio–rounded out by fellow keyboardist/vocalists Heather D'Angelo and Erika Forster–has crafted infectious songs that display a fervent dedication to synthetic keyboard melodies. In other words, it's been saccharine indie-pop fun from day one.


Just Do It: Remix Tips

Want to get high-profile rappers to spit on your beats? Need to make an indie rock track into an electro-house anthem? Producers K-Salaam, A Touch of Class, DJ Day, and Pilooski with tips on remixing, re-editing, and rethinking your records.

DJ Day


Qualo: Backpack Gangstas

The annual Chicago Rocks showcase, organized by the respected Molemen crew, has been a highlight of the city's hip-hop calendar for years and Qualo made sure its appearance during the 2005 edition would be memorable. Waving a flag and flooding the stage with rappers, the group turned its set into a haphazard scene straight out of a political convention. It was an apt move for Qualo, a quartet who are definitely rap's dark-horse candidate.


Lifesavas: Alter-Ego Trippin'

For hip-hop trio Lifesavas, the fine line between fact and fiction has temporarily become blurred. With their new album, this Portland, OR-based crew–consisting of Jumbo the Garbageman, Vursatyl, and Rev. Shines–tossed out the old blueprint and created a cinematic concept effort as intricate as Prince Paul's A Prince Among Thieves, with a narrator, segued scenes, and a fictionalized backstory.


Gui Boratto: Brazilian Architecture

You may be familiar with the saying (often attributed to Elvis Costello) "writing about music is like dancing about architecture"–the idea being that words aren't able to capture the essence of music any better than moving around in a club captures the essence of a building. But dancing and architecture have more in common than one might think, especially when Brazilian techno producer Guilherme "Gui" Boratto is involved.


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