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Bonjay: Rock the Party

Alana Stuart's parents immigrated to Canada as part of the country's Caribbean influx of the 1970s. When Stuart was a toddler, her Grenadian mother and Jamaican father threw parties that swelled to the early morning with plenty of music, food, liquor, and language from the many isles of the West Indies. "I actually have a picture of me in just a diaper and you can see people's legs hanging off the couch, a bottle of brandy, and my mom serving breakfast," Stuart recalls. "It was a time when all the islands mixed. Read more » 

Manhunt 2: Thrill of the Hunt

Kill. Or be killed. It's an extreme choice for extreme circumstances. And, at the moment, no videogame is quite as extreme as Rockstar Games' Manhunt 2, recently banned in the U.K. and New Zealand, and assigned the Adults Only rating in the U.S. alongside games like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Roller Disco: End of an Empire

In April, the death knell sounded for Brooklyn's 66-year-old Empire Roller Skating Center–with its sale, New York City lost its last indoor roller rink, and a monument to style, finesse, and high-speed fancy footwork played out on 150 feet of maple-wood flooring.


Bumps' Artist Tips

Tortoise's polyglot approach to music is grounded in the work of three percussionists–John McEntire, John Herndon, and Dan Bitney (a.k.a. Bumps)–who integrate elements of dub, funk, jazz, and numerous genres into the band's instrumental compositions. But despite the wealth of side projects they're involved in, they've never made a percussion album together... until now. Read more » 

Labels We Love 2007

We call this feature Labels We Love but we might as well call it Labors of Love, since that's really what this is about: mavericks ignoring prevailing record-industry "wisdom," flipping the bird at common sense–and sometimes common decency–in the name of supporting music that needs to be heard. Every year we hear that the indie label is going to die, often from the owners themselves; despite this threat, our favorite imprints just seem to be getting stronger and more important than ever (especially in the face of the practically useless mergers... We mean, majors). Read more » 

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