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Berlin's Melt! Festival

A disused steel-mining facility nearly two hours east of Berlin hosted Intro’s genre-shattering Melt! Read more » 

American Expatriots in Berlin

Generations of North American eyes have viewed Berlin as a paradise. The romance was there in the Roaring Twenties, amidst the clatter of glasses, laughter, and brassy horns of the city's speakeasies and cabarets. During harder times, Berlin's West became an Eden worth risking one's life to escape to.


Steve Bug: Bleeps That Burrow

You know when you've got roaches in your apartment and you just can't get rid of them? Read more » 

Dixon: House Cleaning

Steffen Berkhahn, known to the world simply as Dixon, is feeling good. His Innervisions label is only a year old and its second release, Âme’s Rej EP, is already an international hit; after selling thousands worldwide, it was just licensed by Defected for re-release this fall with new remixes.


Jaybo: Sunny Side Up

The biggest hip-hop brand in Berlin is helmed by an iconoclastic Frenchman named Jaybo, who traveled around the world (Sweden, Senegal, Nigeria) before a lost passport forced him to settle in Berlin's Kreuzberg district, where he spent nights freestyle MCing, DJing, and bombing walls, and days designing club flyers.


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