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So Damn Fresh: Indie Rappers

Following in the footsteps of 2 Live Crew and JJ Fad, Gold Chains and Gravy Train!!!, Snap and Lil Jon, a new club rap canon emerges, guided by the same bass-inundated party-and-bullshit ethos, but availed of above-average vocabularies and high-speed internet connections. Meet Philly's off-the-cuff MC Pase Rock, who many know through frequent appearances with Spank Rock and potty-mouthed partner-in-rhyme Amanda Blank. Brooklyn's Bunny Rabbit and Black Cracker are the sonic incarnation of Williamsburg attitude with their cynical wordplay and sinister beats. Read more » 

Yellow Arrow on DC's Punk Monuments

Any visitor to the nation's capital knows there are plenty of walking tours to be taken, spiraling around monuments, museums, and the eight million buildings that make up just the Department of the Treasury. But the tours given by Yellow Arrow, a tech-savvy group of psycho-geographers, tell a much different story. Yellow Arrow's mission is to have the people of DC tell their own histories; they've marked a series of super-personal sites with yellow arrow cut-outs, each of which corresponds to a phone number. Read more » 

Michoacan: Catch the Fever

From his mile-a-minute chatter, you'd never know Fernando Miranda Rios is fighting a fever. Rios is high on Cubase VST plug-ins, rave memories, and the tracks he makes as Michoacan–and there's some cold medicine in the mix too.


Possessed: A Long Gone John Story

Long Gone John collects things: stuffed animals Edward Gorey sewed himself, big-eyed Margaret Keane dolls from the 1950s, prescription pill bottles that once belonged to famous people (he owns Debbie Harry's Prozac). Read more » 

Justin Broadrick In The Studio

Since defining grindcore with Napalm Death when he was only 15, Justin Broadrick has made a career out of destroying and rebuilding the rules of heavy music. Best known for his role in the seminal metal band Godflesh, Broadrick's many aliases mask a discography of genre-spanning experimentation. His work with Kevin Martin (a.k.a. The Bug) as Techno Animal predates the half-step pacing of dubstep; solo aliases like Tech Level 2 and Final explore everything from drum & bass to ambient drone.


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