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Animal Collective: Wild Things

A pride of lions. A parliament of owls. A school of fish. A flock of seagulls. Each of these collective nouns implies an assemblage of animals (or, in the case of flock of seagulls, an assemblage of righteously bad hair). But study the quartet Animal Collective and you will discover four contrarians that feel no need to always run as a pack, though they are prone to indulge a wild hair or 10.


Nathan Fake: Heating Up Prog-House

"Yes, my name really is Nathan Fake," confirms the UK-based wunderkind and "country bumpkin" whose beguiling, mildly pastoral take on techno has seduced the likes of Superpitcher, Adam Beyer and Rob Da Bank (into the inclusion of his tracks on mix albums), as well as Kompakt's Michael Mayer, Steve Barnes and Dominik Eulberg (into remixing him). Read more » 

Ghostface: Ghetting Ghost

It's been about a decade since the Wu-Tang's most shadowy warrior revealed his face, turning Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx into a surreal, coke deal-fueled coming out party before staking his claim as the Clan's rawest talent on his solo debut, Ironman. A half-decade later-with hip-hop in a slump and an inventive major label rap record seeming as plausible as Ralph Nader for president-Ghost made the new millennium's first ghetto classic: Supreme Clientele.


Fantan Mojah: Ghetto Fire

Fantan Mojah is rapidly working his way through the ranks of Jamaica's new battalion of roots reggae soldiers. Selectors from across the globe continue to drop his two biggest hits to date-the socially conscious "Hungry" and the spiritually empowering "Hail To The King"-to a reception of horns, lighter flashing and reload requests. But in a genre where one-hit wonders are idiosyncratic (remember VC's "By His Deeds?"), Fantan has far from secured his place in the reggae elite.


Remixing War and Race

The thought of talking politics, tech and turntablism with DJ Spooky (a.k.a. Paul D Miller) and Rob Swift sounded like an innocent enough proposition in the formative stages. But as the date for the meeting of the minds crept closer, so did the anniversary of 9/11. Then Hurricane Katrina changed the game even further. Both artists' new works (Swift's War Games audio/DVD release and DJ Spooky's forthcoming Rebirth of a Nation, a sound/image remix of D.W. Read more » 

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