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QQ: Jamaican Boy Wonder

"The people have spoken. QQ, come back to the stage."

It's 4 a.m. in Kingston and Flexx, host of Passa Passa's third anniversary dance and part of dancehall group T.O.K., is calling QQ back to the stage for the third time. The four-foot-tall child prodigy bounds on and launches straight into a sweet rendition of "Poverty." The song, his first single, held the number-one spot in Jamaica for four weeks in 2005 and stole the record from Dennis Brown who, at 13, had previously been the youngest artist to achieve a number one.


Warn Defever & NOMO In The Studio

Warn Defever, the man behind dream-rock-cum-experimental-blues project His Name Is Alive, has been manipulating all manner of sounds from what he calls "an ethical and moral perspective" for over 15 years. His early records, self-recorded projects that bear names like Livonia (after his suburban Detroit hometown) and Mouth by Mouth, helped to define the gauzy, ethereal sound of British indie label 4AD. Read more » 

Black Dice: Blood & Guts

Can you see the music?

Dirt Crew: Rave Results

Pablo Picasso once said, "Good artists borrow. Great artists steal." That's true, but few artists–even in the age of sampling–are ballsy enough to admit their "genius" actually came from someone else.


CX Kidtronik: The Crack Game

Hip-hop might be all about the crack game these days, but CX Kidtronik has an entirely different sort of crack driving him. Spurred by the recent low-rise jeans craze, the Brooklyn beatmaker's debut LP, Krak Attack (Sound-Ink), is an homage to female ass cleavage, punctuated by cover art that features a collage of ample-assed women doing their best plumber impersonations.


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