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8-Bit: Eight is Enough

8-bit music is something of a moving target, more of a movement than a genre. Even a name can't be agreed upon–the closest to universally accepted terms are "chiptune," "micromusic," and "8-bit," but new variants are being churned out every day, with varying degrees of cleverness ("bitpop," "blip-hop," etc.).


Clubland's Big Brother

Anybody with a healthy nightlife has endured serious (and unnecessary) scrutiny while entering a club, whether it's undergoing a popularity contest to pass through the velvet ropes or the rough security checks at crowded concerts. But a new security system being introduced this year adds a computerized–some would say creepy–edge to the typical screening process.


Liars: The Sound & The Fury

Two states of creative consciousness exist: one is a land free from the anxious oppression of doubt and fear; the other is a realm plagued by the cloudy, lingering ghosts of self doubt and uncertainty, and the crippling sensation of hesitation. When both realms collide, it creates a sonic din akin to eight million hearts pulsing, lightning repeatedly crashing into a storming ocean, and the friction of pulsating percussion. That sound is Liars.


Judith Juilerat: Sinister Lullabies

The harshly beautiful music of Judith Juillerat speaks pointedly of rain-damp alleyways in Berlin or Cologne, so it's a shock to find out that she operates light years away from Germany's techno epicenters. Juillerat hails from Besançon, a sleepy French town with no music community to speak of–it's home to nothing much, actually, besides some nice foliage and the aged walls of the town citadel. And as a 36-year-old, full-time mother–entering the studio only after her two kids are asleep–Juillerat is both a latecomer and an anomaly in the electronic music game.


Magic Pony's Favorite Things

In 2002, Kristin Weckworth and Steve Cober started their own fantasyland called Magic Pony. The storefront/art gallery–located on Queen Street in Toronto, Canada–stocks the cutest things on the planet, from Yoshitomo Nara sticker sets to Pete Fowler's Monsterism rings to Marcel Dzama's Sad Ghost salt 'n' pepper shakers. Magic Pony also hosts monthly shows, introducing the newest work from the likes of Kozyndan, Nathan Jurevicius, and Dalek. Read more » 

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