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Little Brother: Major League

It’s 6 p.m. and Midtown is gridlocked with commuters trying to escape from New York. As office lights dim and commercial properties empty, the business of music doesn’t cease, not at 1290 Avenue of the Americas. I’m in the Atlantic Records building about to meet up with North Carolina’s hip-hop trio Little Brother. Read more » 

Mathew Jonson's Jungle Roots

If you were looking for someone to map the incestuous interbreeding of the electronic music community, look no further than Vancouver, BC producer Mathew Jonson.


South Rakkas Crew: Bionic Dancehall

“I met [producer] Alex G in Canada years ago while I was working security at a rave,” says South Rakkas Crew’s Dennis “Dow Jones” Shaw of the genesis of his team’s musical partnership. “It was during an incident with a naked girl on roller skates, but that’s a whole other story.”


Moonstarr: Machines Sing by Moonlight

He’s 6’7” tall, but no, he doesn’t play basketball. He’s Canadian, but (despite the back cover of his 2002 album Dupont) he doesn’t play hockey. Kevin Moon a.k.a. Moonstarr’s game is making beats, and he’s damn good at it.


Prince Paul: The Clown Prince

It’s easy to rattle off Prince Paul’s resume–boy wonder DJ for Stetsasonic, producer of the first three De La Soul albums, inventor of the hip-hop skit, sound bwoy for Chris Rock, one half of the category-killing Handsome Boy Modeling School. Read more » 

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