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Boyskout: Danceable Melancholy

When Leslie Satterfield started Boyskout in 2001 she had something to prove. After working on a quiet, moody solo project (Cat Power’s What Would the Community Think was a major influence) she was determined to show people that her sound could be, well, tougher. Three years later, the band’s debut LP, School of Etiquette, put the exclamation point at the end of Satterfield’s declaration.


U.K. Garage Girls

For years, So Solid’s Lisa Maffia and Ms. Dynamite were the lone female faces on the MC-driven side of UK garage, with Maffia dropping sparse cockney wordplay and Dynamite raining fire with breakneck patois. In their wake comes an army of girls who can spit syntax faster than a Tokyo bullet train, and whose alternative flow and lyrical content is shaking up the testosterone-fuelled scene. Read more » 

Mr. Scruff in the Studio

Compared to the standard dark breaks and moody electronic music we’re used to, Andy Carthy’s deft work behind the 1200s and painstakingly composed beats sound downright happy. On such humorously titled albums as Trouser Jazz, the artist known as Mr. Scruff pens odes to dancing and sausages. Read more » 

Craig Metzger: Sketches to Skateboards

The staggeringly bold silhouettes and graphical shape shifters Craig Metzger creates should merit arrogance. So perhaps it’s the skateboarder in him that keeps him so grounded…or maybe it’s just the crippling insecurities. Uncomfortable with his drawing abilities, Metzger attributes any success to mere will. And upon completion of this interview, Metzger squirmed. “Hopefully I didn’t sound like an idiot,” he worried, rather charmingly.


Somewhere: Tbilisi, Georgia

In Russian, goslab means state laboratory. In French, children’s lab. For electronic musicians Tusia Beridze and Gogi Dzodzuashvili, Goslab is an adopted name, one they and several other multimedia artists (including Nika Machaidze, Tamuna Karumidze, and Zaza Rusadze) from Tbilisi (the capital of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia) apply to their creative output. Beridze and Dzodzuashvili’s recordings, released as TBA and Post Industrial Boys respectively, decode the moniker a little. Read more » 

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