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Hank Shocklee vs. Jason Forrest

Jason Forrest's music (formerly released under the Donna Summer alias) is a crazy pastiche of recognizable pop themes and postmodern noise, from glitch to cock rock. But before 34-year-old Forrest was performing demented laptop surgery, he was a kid from the deep South finding solace in punk rock; and somewhere–in between playing dubbed cassettes of Bad Brains and Minor Threat down to the nibs–a friend turned him onto Public Enemy. Read more » 

Kutmasta Kurt In the Studio

Kurt Matlin, a.k.a. Kutmasta Kurt, has been spinning and conjuring ill tracks since the late '80s when he was a Cali radio DJ at Stanford's KZSU. His year has been busy with beats for Redneck Olympics (the US release is titled Redneck Games due to legal hassles), his collaboration with Kool Keith on Diesel Truckers, and Motion Man's upcoming Pablito's Way. We checked in to see how he manages a triple life running Threshold Records, producing tracks, and touring as a DJ.


Midnight Movies: Elegant Surrealists

During the day, the modern world and its straight lines prevail–money and machines, time and technology, order and organization... but after dark, the winds of the imagination come into play. In the middle of the night, strange creatures appear, unusual events occur, familiar objects take on new aspects, the real becomes the ethereal.


Turbulence: A Rising Singjay

"Let me tell you this again, I could have been one of the most notorious/I got saved by the king, and his grace is so gloriooooous." If you're a follower of dancehall, you couldn't have missed the rallying tones of Turbulence's inimitable "Notorious" single. Voiced on the Scallawah riddim–a fresh hip-hop tinged b-line with a penetrating electric guitar riff from new Jamaican collective THC Muzik–Turbulence's militantly righteous singing/deejaying makes this a street anthem for rastas, big men, and rude bwoys alike.


Andrew Pommier: Figurative Fantasies

Andrew Pommier likes to draw bunnies, sparrows, and people wearing animal heads. And more often than not, they're smoking. Seems pretty weird for someone whose favorite saying is "never smoke," but this Canadian is a study in contradictions. He and his younger brother–skate photographer Scott Pommier–were raised in the comparatively little mining town of Sudbury in Ontario, Canada but their work has been all over the world, from the pages of Thrasher and Transworld (Scott) to shows in Italy, Australia, and New York (Andrew). Read more » 

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