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Mixed Signals: Digital Dillema

Think back to that first time that you saw a laptop onstage at a club. Now think back to the last time you didn't see one onstage. It's no stretch to say that the digital world has taken over music production and, to a lesser extent, performance, with hardware/software combinations firmly establishing their place in the live music pantheon beside guitars, turntables, and drum machines.


Fidget House: A Guide

A guide to these five producers' many aliases.

Members: Dave Taylor & Jesse Rose
Where it all started. Induceve is an amalgamation of crunchy, cut 'n' paste Herbert-style house and samples ranging from hip-hop to dub to folk. Their Pick It Up EP (Dubsided) was the first officially dubbed "fidget."

Members: Trevor Loveys & Dave Taylor

Monome & Me: MIDI Mayhem

For the past couple of years, I've been fidgeting with an odd invention that an equally odd musician, Brian Crabtree, came up with: The monome 100h. It's a combination of sequencer, Lite-Brite, and sampler with MacGyver-esque possibilities–all addictively simple. Now it's being somewhat mass-made and I wanted to introduce it, so perhaps it'll make some sense of what I might be doing on a stage in a town near you.


Juggaknots: Schooling the Masses

Before sitting down to record their new album Use Your Confusion (Amalgam Digital), Bronx hip-hop trio Juggaknots hadn't recorded a sizeable amount of material together in five or six years. For a group of siblings all living in the same area, this lengthy absence doesn't initially add up–that is, until you find out what they've been doing with their time. While on hiatus from hip-hop, brothers Breeze Brewin and Buddy Slim and sister Queen Herawin were busy dropping science, almost literally, in the classroom.


Brian McCarty Gets His Hands Dirty

Brian McCarty spends a lot of time on his knees. Get your mind out of the gutter, perv–he's just taking photos. Then again, these aren't just any portraits; they're painstaking, crisp, beautifully colored fairytales featuring very small, very still protagonists.


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