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Style: Ur a Jerk.

Over the past year, a new hip-hop subgenre has bubbled up from the streets of Los Angeles. Known as jerkin', the scene is largely populated by internet-savvy, skinny-jeans-wearing teens whose favorite artists are often like-minded young MCs and producers who operate almost exclusively on MySpace and only perform at raucous all-ages shows for throngs of wilding-out fans. With a minimal, synth-driven sound reminiscent of Bay Area rappers The Pack, jerkin' has crept up and down the West Coast, primarily on the back of underground hits like "You're a Jerk" by LA's New Boyz.

BB The Jerk from UCLA Jerks with Young Ace from Kream Kids

But apart from the music, the jerkin' movement has gained just as much attention for its youthful exuberance, bright colors, skate-inspired style, and coordinated dance moves that often resemble the Running Man in reverse. With the help of Angeleno Sharriff Hassan—who's currently producing a jerkin' feature film—XLR8R brought together three different jerkin' crews—Team Dummy, Kream Kids, and UCLA Jerks—on a Sunday afternoon at Stoner Park in West Los Angeles. Photographer Mathew Scott documented the crews doing what they do... and captured a bit of what being a jerk is all about.

Trastar from Kream Kids

Nick from Kream Kids

Lee Lee from Kream Kids

Anthony from Teen Dummy

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