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Assassin: Taking Aim

Jeffrey "Assassin" Campbell is a leader of a new generation of Jamaican dancehall artists who are hoping to elevate the genre by providing music with more lyrical depth.

"I try to maintain a certain level of integrity in the material," says Campbell from his home in Jamaica. "It is not all about the frivolous dancehall. We try to add substance to the mix rather than just all hype and entertainment." As in the States–where thug posturing in hip-hop has become a tired cliché–Jamaican dancehall's obsession with guns, violence and homophobia has threatened to stunt its growth.


Kudu: Ushering In Tropical Goth

It's a gift and a curse. Break boundaries, navigate diverse styles creatively, and no one knows what to call you. Such has been the plight of Kudu, the NYC-based trio centered around drummer Deantoni "D" Parks and vocalist Sylvia Gordon (but also including keyboardist Nick Kasper). They've drawn everyone from John Cale to Beans to their homebase at Nublu, the remotely located East Village eclectic music outpost where they've held a long-running Tuesday night residency. Read more » 

Yoni Wolf's Favorite Things

Anticon's psychedelics bandleader, Yoni Wolf, talks about a few of his favorite things.

An Empty Stomach
I prefer to record on an empty stomach. If I eat something, I will just sit around and never get anything done. But after I'm finished I like to go to some hotshot Vietnamese place and get the greasiest thing. And you gotta have dessert, vegan cookies or something.

Old Beck Stuff

Carl Craig: Hot Carl

"And God says to Bill Gates, 'Bill, that's just a screensaver!' Hahahahaha!" So ends an hour-long conversation with Carl Craig–Detroit techno definer, globe-trotting DJ and, evidently, lover of Internet jokes. Craig is obviously not new to the interview game, but he's far from jaded. He's ready to talk about his new mix for Fabric, what keeps him going after 15 years of innovation...and even "sonic masturbation."


Pitchfork Media: Online Exposure

Ryan Schreiber claims that the worst traffic in Chicago is outside his Logan Square office.

"It's probably the worst intersection in the city for driving," he explains. "It's a huge circle and the lanes are splitting off in 20 different directions. Nobody has ever seen a huge traffic circle like it anywhere so no one really knows what to do."


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