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XLR8R Buyers' Guide to Bubblin' 2K9

Back for more, are you? Well, pop your bottles to today's installment of XLR8R's Official Buyers' Guide to the most immaculate stacks of wax in the Bubblin' 2K9 category. Here you'll find the best of the year in the bubblin'-future-bass-funky-tribalist-flexstep 'nuum—another irrefutably perfect list of '09 club killers. Haterz can see their way to the message boards.

Check the Jackin' 2K9 list here.

Unbalance [Buy]

Listen: "Dinosaur"

Get a Job [Buy] + LHC [Buy] EPs
(Apple Pips) + (Planet Mu)

Listen: "Get A Job"

Cooly G
Love Dub EP [Buy]

Listen: "Love Dub"

Dark Knight
Reasons [Buy], What's Your Name? [Buy], My Bitch [Buy]
(Urban Riddim)

Listen: "What's Your Name?"

Party Hard [Buy]
(My-Ish Inc)

Listen: "Party Hard"

The Roots of El-B [Buy]

Listen: "Show A Little Love"

Falty DL
Love is a Liability [Buy] + Bravery [Buy]
(Planet Mu)

Listen: "Love is a Liability"

Floating Points
Vacuum Boogie EP [Buy] + J&W Beat EP [Buy]

Listen: "Vacuum Boogie"

Black Sun EP [Buy]

Listen: "Black Sun"

L-Vis 1990 & Bok Bok
Night Slugs EP [Buy]
(Dress 2 Sweat/Numbers)

Listen: "Ripe Banana"

Great Lengths [Buy]

Listen: "Little Things"

Mickey Pearce / Martin Kemp
Innami / No Charisma [Buy] 12"
(Blunted Robots)

Listen: "No Charisma"

Various Artists
No Hats No Hoods Vol.1 [Buy]
(No Hats No Hoods)

Listen: Ice Kid - "Patient State of Mind"

The TWC EP [Buy] + Elevated Levels EP [Buy]
(Roska Kicks and Snares)

Listen: "Sheppard"

Gonna Work Out Fine EP [Buy]

Listen: "Gonna Work Out Fine"

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