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XLR8R Buyers' Guide to Bumpin' 2K9

Is the multitude of year-end lists breaking your brain yet? If so, let us provide the grey matter a little respite by lacing you with ANOTHER CRAZY AMAZING LIST OF AWESOME SHIT FROM THE LAST 12 MONTHS!!!! Today, the jubilant jamz that kept us Bumpin' in 2K9—a.k.a. hotness for cruisin' down tha avenue in our pimp-ass rides.

Still not enough, you goddamn fiend? Check Jackin' 2K9 and Bubblin' 2K9—and then ask yourself, "WTF is my problem?!"

Buraka Som Sistema
Black Diamond [Buy]

Listen: "Luanda / Lisboa"

Toeachizown [Buy]
(Stones Throw)

Listen: "Toeachizown"

Born Like This [Buy]

Listen: "Ballskin"

Ghosts on Tape
Predator Mode [Buy]

Listen: "Predator Mode (Roska Remix)"

Orchestral Lab 12" [Buy] + Beautiful Complications [Buy]
(Punch Drunk)

Listen: "Beautiful Complication"

Hudson Mohawke
Butter [Buy]

Listen: "Fuse"

Digidesign [Buy] + Purple City EPs[Buy]
(Hyperdub / Kapsize)

Listen: "Digidesign"

"Mindreader" b/w "You"
(Fool's Gold)

Listen: "Mindreader (Todd Edwards Remix)"

Lazer Sword
Gucci Sweatshirt EP [Buy]
(Innovative Leisure)

Listen: "Gucci Sweatshirt"

El Tigeraso [Buy]
(Mad Decent)

Listen: "El Tigeraso"

Mr. Brooks... A Better Tomorrow [Buy]

Listen: "Neva Believe You"

Nosaj Thing
Drift [Buy]
(Alpha Pup)

Listen: "IOIO"

Ghislain Poirier
Soca Sound System [Buy]
(Ninja Tune)

Listen: "Wha-La-La-Leng"

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. II [Buy]

Listen: "House of Flying Daggers"

Sabo & Cassady
Bersa Discos #6 [Buy]
(Bersa Discos)

Listen: "Kuff Kumbia"

S/T [Buy]
(Disko B)

Listen: "Elektrofikkkke"

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