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Prinzhorn Dance School: DFA's Latest

If Prinzhorn Dance School were in charge of this article, it probably wouldn't be very long. In fact, chances are this piece would be nothing more than a quote, a picture of the band holding some farm equipment, and a lot of white space. Not because the Brighton pair, who call themselves Suzi Horn and Tobin Prinz, have nothing to say–they just harness the power of saying very little.


Calvin Harris: Kylie-Approved

"Was it Isaac Hayes? Giorgio Moroder? I can't remember..." As you might expect, 23-year-old DJ/producer Calvin Harris is catching a bit of flack for calling his debut album I Created Disco. And, on the phone during his first UK tour, he nervously racks his brain trying to name the person who actually invented the genre. "[The title] is a bit of a lie," he confesses sheepishly. "It definitely wasn't me!"


Written, Word: Hip-Hop's Salad Days

Boogie Down Reflections

Tiombe Lockhart and Waajeed

"If you wanna know what Tiombe's album is going to be like, this should give you a good idea," says Waajeed. In the background, Tiombe Lockhart wantonly shakes her copper coiffure to the sounds of seminal no-wave duo Suicide careening from an old school Select-o-matic turntable.


Z-Trip: Gridiron Beatdown

With massive club tours, headlining spots at Coachella, and an opening gig for the Rolling Stones, DJ Z-Trip has had one hell of a ride since hitting it big with the now infamous mash-up classic Uneasy Listening Vol. 1 in 2001.


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