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Saian Supa Crew: Hip-Hop Royalty

The Parisian six-man Saian Supa Crew is bouncing around the stage like an amphetamine-charged boy band. As they stomp through perfectly synchronized b-boy routines–tent-sized t-shirts flapping behind them–they belt out exhilarating multi-layered flows, insane beat-boxing, carnival-jump-up-style hooks, and pitch-perfect harmonies. Despite not having a freaking clue what they’re rapping about, I’m immediately swept up in their vibe. Read more » 

Wax Tailor: Hip-Hop Nostalgia

A native son of the City of Lights, Wax Tailor (otherwise known as JC Le Saout) walks a tightrope between geographies and genres. Parisians forget he’s actually a local, while Americans consider his embrace of hip-hop’s explosive golden era anachronistic in this age of blingy, ego-driven rap. Their loss, and not just because the noir-hop soundtracker actually scored a couple songs for the forthcoming Cedric Klapisch movie, Paris, or because Wax Tailor recently manned the wheels of steel for the Cannes Film Festival. Read more » 

Geneviève Gauckler's Evolution

“I believe a character is an extension, an image of its creator,” Geneviève Gauckler writes from her studio in Paris. “There’s something magic about it. By creating a character or an atmosphere, I try to make something funny, sad, sweet–in a word, emotional–because it creates a link between you, your creation, and the viewer.”

It’s a subject Ms. Gauckler knows quite a bit about. Her iconic, simple, black characters have become her signature work, their expressionless faces telling soft-spoken stories in bold, broad strokes.


Notes From the Paris Catacombs

One hundred feet beneath Paris lies over 300 kilometers of tunnels, secret passageways, and special rooms fashioned in the ruins of Roman-era limestone quarries. The catacombs are a burial site, illegal party spot, graffiti museum, and unusual respite from the city rolled into one, accessible only by climbing through sewage drains and down manholes. Read more » 

Nôze: Jazz-Lovin' Technoids

Nôze plays the hottest and hippest of styles: pure fun. At a performance at 2005’s Wilsonic Festival in Bratislava, Slovakia, they drank vodka straight from the bottle on stage and banged out frenetic jazz-house on keyboards, turntable, and computer while a friend went wild on the sax. With their set cranked up to full volume, they stole the show from a stack of headliners, and a week later made their international presence known at Barcelona’s Sonar Festival.


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