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Justin Broadrick In The Studio

Since defining grindcore with Napalm Death when he was only 15, Justin Broadrick has made a career out of destroying and rebuilding the rules of heavy music. Best known for his role in the seminal metal band Godflesh, Broadrick's many aliases mask a discography of genre-spanning experimentation. His work with Kevin Martin (a.k.a. The Bug) as Techno Animal predates the half-step pacing of dubstep; solo aliases like Tech Level 2 and Final explore everything from drum & bass to ambient drone.


Scene Points: Micro-Music DVDs

Experimental Everything

Joakim: My Pet Monsters

The last time I spoke to Joakim Bouaziz he was laughing, albeit a bit nervously. On the phone from the Parisian office of Tigersushi, the website and label he helped found, the lanky French producer/DJ/sometime-guitar player wondered aloud how his next gig would be received. "I played already a couple times [at Fabric], but as a DJ... and on New Year's Eve, live''m really wondering," he said with a chuckle. "And between Erol Alkan and Justice? Read more » 

Tigrics: Hungarian Heart

Budapest is a proud, rough city. Miles of once stately Hapsburg buildings sit under a century's film of dust, their tall windows peering down onto broad avenues. The bars, found even in underground pedestrian walkways, stay open until the wee hours. The homeless camp out in unused doorways while the city bustles.


Shot Calling: Telemarketing

"I read the phonebook like a novel when I was a kid," says Alexi Morrissey, a conceptual artist based in Pittsburgh. While Morrissey, a former graffiti artist from Boston, was searching for a hotel-style wake-up call service, he discovered robotic dialing–suddenly, all his attention was turned back to the phone. Wake Up Call,, an online project created by Morrissey and Damien Miller, allows users to choose from over 70 audio artworks, and have that work delivered to any phone number. Read more » 

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