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The Crêpes: Fredrik Lindson Discusses Some of the Records that Influenced His Pop Side-Project with Studio's Dan Lissvik

  • Photo: Ken Taylor

Flowered Up
I think this one was of the first records I bought as an aware buyer. Flowered Up was a very hedonistic band that was part of the Madchester scene—and made it even madder. It's like a secondhand Happy Mondays. I think the singer died of his own hedonism. Like Marc Bolan, sometimes the thoughts are bigger than how [the record] sounds.


This is another Creation band that I really loved. ...XYZ, their first album, was more American-influenced, which has a pretty similar sound to what Crêpes try to achieve. A great band that's sadly forgotten.


T. Rex
T. Rex
It's kind of boogie, but inspiration doesn't always come from how [things] sound—I think it's the thoughts of some artists that are inspiring. It's like The Fall or [T. Rex's] Marc Bolan: I don't always listen to it but when I think of them, I write songs. I have many favorites, but I like "Telegram Sam" because I used to be a postman.


Razorcuts came before the second wave of Creation bands, like Ride and the shoegaze scene. They're like a secondhand Byrds, and I think sometimes it's very inspiring when bands try to be something they aren't; it's very touching.

"Sky High"

Fifth Column
When we started Crêpes, I had four of five songs that I brought with me to Dan's to try to capture what sound or what kind of band we should be, and this song was one of them. U.N.P.O.C. is a Scottish guy who only released one album. "Here On My Own" is very emotional and touching, and pretty DIY, and it makes you wanna do it yourself when you [hear it].

"See You Later"

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