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Part Two of XLR8R's Year-End Elements Wrap-Up

A look at fashion trends for the year's end, compiled by resident style guy Andrew Porter. Check back next week for the year's best albums and tunes.

Waxed cotton coats hit it big in 2010. Every company from Fjallraven to Steven Alan to Rag & Bone offered up a waxed option. Personally, I love the Barbour coat—a classic that looks good on both women and men. Simple and understated, waxed Barbours stand the test of time and only get better looking with age. If you don't feel like shelling out the cash on a new one there are always a million cheap options floating around on eBay.

Oh My Goth
In 2010 we witnessed a big goth resurgence. And not in a Hot Topic kind of way... though I suppose that was happening as well. On the haute end of things, dark designers like Rick Owens and Haider Ackermann made some pretty incredible pieces—especially in the leather department. While on the other end of things, we had 16-year-old girls from suburban California posting pictures of Rozz Williams on their Tumblr accounts and making some pretty crazy D.I.Y. clothing. Long live Christian Death.

I've always been a big fan of Patagonia gear. They make really reliable, sharp-looking technical clothing. This year I found myself coming into a lot of the vintage pieces. The blue parka (pictured here) is a good 20 years old and still keeps out the rain. If vintage is not your thing, Patagonia has made some fantastic new stuff this year as well. I'm particularly partial to the Classic Retro-X Jacket even though it has a bit of a Phish fan vibe about it.

The Slim-Fit Chino
I've always liked chinos. Unfortunately, they were always too big for me. Most Dockers made me look like a kid going to his first job interview. Thankfully, 2010 gave way to the slim-fit chino. Finally I can look decent in front of my grandmother while still feeling fashionable. Is this thing on?

The Cape
Were capes popular this year? Are capes always popular? Are capes never popular? Beats me. That said, in 2010, I was into the cape. I think they look great on women... the man-cape isn't really my thing, but to each his own.

Opening Ceremony meets Pendleton
Pendleton Native American blanket prints were sort of beat to a pulp this year. Urban Outfitters put the nail in that coffin with a Pendleton blanket-inspired Snuggie. WOOF! But seriously, all Snuggies aside, I really like what Opening Ceremony did with the textiles. In a world where most lines make reproductions of vintage pieces, Opening Ceremony took some amazing Pendleton textiles and developed their own silhouettes. It was a very creative approach to collaborating with a classic brand—the outcome was great. Hats off!

Clarks Desert Boots
My friend Matt swore off Clarks when he rolled his ankles in a pair of Wallabees. Maybe he should have sworn off alcohol. If he was sober, I've got nothin'. The Clarks Desert Boot is my perfect shoe. I wear them year-round. There's a color for every season. Dress them up or down. Wear them with basketball shorts if that's your thing. Your feet will still look sharp and you'll be provided with the ankle support a Wallabee just can't give.

I'm writing about Fjallraven based solely on the fact that I couldn't walk a block without seeing somebody wearing one of those backpacks this year. Kudos to that marketing campaign. As for their clothing, I own a Greenland jacket which is very thin, made in China, too expensive, and covered in pizza grease (rough night). Stick to the backpacks.

The Shredded T-Shirt
The shredded t-shirt was a real blog-to-mainstream phenomenon. I don't know how this started but one morning these shirts were all over the fashion blogosphere. Great D.I.Y. happening for the 2010.

Grunge Revival
I mean, don't people write about this every year? Let's not break form here. 2010 must have been a good year for Dr. Martens because they were all over the place. I was excited to see the return of the floral print 8-hole boot. They sum up an entire decade in a few pieces of leather and two bouncing soles. Also of note was the Originals collection. Made in the UK—top shelf.

1950s Revival
The "Dior New Look" silhouette made a big comeback on the runways this year. Cinched waist and full circle skirts were back. I'd like to attribute this to Mad Men but that was the 1960s. Perhaps the return of the 1950s silhouette is just another example of our 2010 fascination with "heritage" clothing.

J Crew
If you told me in 2000 that J Crew would have a renaissance in 2010, I would have been hard pressed to believe you... as I walked away in my Nike Dunks and Gore-Tex camouflage coat. Alas, you were right! 2010 was a big year for J Crew. With the Liquor Store in Tribeca and the Men's Shop on Broadway, the brand was making moves in Manhattan. The in-house line looked great and they also brought lesser-known companies like St. James and Quoddy into the larger consumer market. Keep up the good work!

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