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XLR8R and Scion Present Version 2 of the City Guide iPhone and Android Apps!!!!

Remember when we, along with Scion, launched the City Guide mobile apps for iPhone and Android to bring you the best bars, restaurants, cafés, galleries, shops, record stores and unique spots in the country?? Well, the City Guide is still growing with even more cities, events, and hotspots!!! Check out all the new City Guide app details!!!!!!

The City Guide App Works With Both iPhone and Android!!!
The whole idea of City Guide is sharing what's hip and happening with anyone that wants to see it, so why be elitist? Whether you're an iPhone or Android owner, there's a free City Guide download out there, waiting for you to claim it.

The City Guide App Now Encompasses 16 Cities... and Counting!!!
The handy app has already got every cool restaurant, bar, gallery, and event in San Francisco, New York, LA, and Chicago. Now, it's expanded further, covering Minneapolis, Miami, Denver, and beyond, with new cities added every month! Where will it go next?

The City Guide App Has Been Redesigned!!!
Dayum! City Guide be lookin' hella foin! The app got a full-on makeover, and now it sports a sleeker, simpler navigation and design just asking for you to put your fingers all over it.

The City Guide App Has New Functionality!!!
You can now browse the app's eclectic listings using the newfangled category tabs and its super-snazzy map view to check out what's happening right under your nose.

The City Guide App Lets You Share Plans With Friends!!!
Wanna let your friends lurk your whereabouts more efficiently? Of course you do! Now you can send out your City Guide-curated plans with the touch of a button to Twitter, Facebook, and email.

To Download the City Guide application for the iPhone, go here. If you've got yourself an Android, go here.

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