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Os Gemeos: Favela Walls and Fine Art

Located on walls around São Paulo, the fantastically bright paintings of Os Gemeos (“The Twins”) grab the attention of passersby like a float from Carnival. Full of fluid lines, eye-popping colors (often yellow and red), and surreal characters, their work would be at home in a children’s book, but the story of these artists runs much deeper than Dr. Seuss.


War Inna Babylon

Most Jamaicans can’t be bothered with the War on Terror, but the music tells another story.


Whitey: Causing an Electro-Rock Riot

By his own admission, the electro-rock powerhouse named Nathan J. Whitey is a lazy, alcoholic bookworm. “I’ve spent most of my life either drunk or reading, but I learned how to play instruments in between,” he says, before detailing his new regime. “I drank nothing but Jack [Daniels] for years, but I realized it was making me fat and stupid. Read more » 

Boom Bap Project on Rap's Formulas

“The goal of the Boom Bap Project is to preserve the hip-hop culture through music,” proclaims MC Karim, known as Nightclubber Lang to those who have helped him and his Boom Bap comrades Destro and DJ Scene build a solid rap foundation in the underrated Pacific Northwest scene. “We came up with the name upon when we decided to make an album chock-full of hard beats and rhymes, true hip-hop shit. The name was not chosen as an homage to anyone or anything, but describes what you’re gonna get from us musically.”


Monika Enterprise: Offbeat Electronics

Germany’s Monika Enterprise arose from living rooms full of refugees. Label founder Gudrun Gut remembers “the Wohnzimmer [living room] scene” of 1997, when homespun venues were some of the only places for underground electronic artists to play in Berlin (as DJs were only welcome in so many techno clubs).


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