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Banksy, Barely Legal (Updated)

Born in Bristol, England, Banksy gained notoriety in London and throughout the world with his anti-war, anti-capitalist, anti-establishment, and pro-freedom stencil art. His "guerilla art" has appeared in most major cities around the world and has earned him underground fame and a place in contemporary pop-culture.


XLR8R's Top 100 Albums

There seemed no better way to commemorate our 100th issue than with what brought us here in the first place: the music. We combed through all of our back issues, nostrils filled with dust and fingers blackened by old newsprint, to see what we've reviewed over the last 13 years. In the early days, Banco de Gaia and R&S trance 12"s ruled, but our palette widened and our pages began to include indie rock, electronic folk, hip-hop, and other substrains of underground goodness. This isn't an exhaustive list of every album that influenced us. Read more » 

White Rose Movement: Gloom Beats

White Rose Movement frontman Finn Vine bears a close resemblance to both Joy Division's Ian Curtis and Gabi Delgado-Lopez of German industrial/electronic pioneers DAF. This is no accident. From his live performance–full of nervous energy and curiously robotic dancing–you get the feeling that this rail-thin, angular boy in the fiercely buttoned-up shirt has spent hours studying the ways of underground '80s idols.


Wooster Collective's Favorite Things

If you want to know what's going down in street art–from stencils to wheatpastes to billboard liberation–your first stop should be the Wooster Collective website. Since January 2003, husband-and-wife team Marc and Sara Schiller have been faithfully chronicling the latest developments in urban modification from Croatia to Australia and all points in between. Read more » 

ESG vs. Girl Talk

Creative appropriation or flat-out theft?

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