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Casual Fridays: Going green with vintage, and going blank again with shoegaze-inspired gear!

Our resident stylist Andrew Porter waxes casual on men's and women's must-haves.

Quality Peoples Body Surf tee
Ride's cover for Nowhere is one of the best covers ever made. About seven years ago, I spent a good chunk of time talking about how I wanted to make all-over oceanic print tees inspired by Nowhere. Since I ran a screen-printing business, I could have made them in a matter of hours. Alas, I like to talk about how "I had that idea years ago" as opposed to making said idea materialize. Heck, if I was making those shirts, who would have been sitting on the couch watching Law & Order and eating Cheetos? So yeah, here you have it, an outstanding-looking all-over oceanic print t-shirt. Kudos to Quality Peoples for getting this idea into the world. Also, hats off for using an image taken from a lens with water drops on it. Am I the only one seeing that? Trippy...

Vintage short-sleeve button-downs
I buy the majority of my clothes second hand. If you buy new clothes, you wind up spending a lot of money and owning something 1000 other people are walking down the street wearing. Thus, I buy vintage in the interest of my bank account and uniqueness. Rolling into summer, I spent the spring collecting '80s and '90s short-sleeve button-down shirts. I think the SSBD looks great, and the prints from the '80s and '90s really deliver. Furthermore, during this period, a lot of clothing was still made in America, so not only are you getting a deal buying vintage, you're also getting higher quality. Above are some of my favorite finds from the past few months—I didn't spend more than $13 on any of these. That's what's up! Don't buy clothes from H&M that will disintegrate within a matter of months. Go out and find something one-of-a-kind.

Zone-7 Style
Speaking of vintage, these days there are a lot of blogs selling really crazy vintage gear. This blog, Zone 7 Style, has some really amazing stuff. I don't know anything about this guy's deal—maybe he's a stylist, a consultant, or something of that nature—all I know is that he's on the level. This gentleman comes into a lot of vintage Polo, Moschino Jeans, rare sunglasses, Versace, and just all-around fresh stuff. The site is consistently updated, and he posts a lot of both men's and women's clothing. Even if you're not into buying vintage, I recommend a spin through Zone 7 because there is a lot of neat stuff to look at. To boot, it's 2011 here, people! Let's go green, save the planet, and get into recycled clothing.

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