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Matthew Herbert: The Finest Allusion

Matthew Herbert is no stranger to offbeat recording techniques. On records like 2001's Bodily Functions (!K7) and last year's Plat du Jour (Accidental), he sampled everything from heartbeats to crushed Starbucks cups and wove them into bumptious micro-house, languid electronic ballads, and melodic jazz. Read more » 

Serena-Maneesh: Power-Trippers

Emil Nikolaisen–the guitarist, lead singer, and songwriter of Norwegian rock band Serena Maneesh–talks about writing songs like the late Hunter S. Thompson talked about lost weekends in Vegas. This isn't a pharmacological comparison by any means. It's just that Nikolaisen channels pure passion when music is the subject at hand; he aggressively, almost breathlessly, gushes that he wants to make music that challenges preconceived notions of pop and rock.


Wassup Rockers: Larry Clark's Angels

It's been more than 10 years since Larry Clark's seminal Kids made every teenager in America want to move to New York City, and every parent in America want to keep them as far away as humanly possible. With Wassup Rockers, Clark brings his signature style to the West Coast, following a group of Latino punks on a racially and socially charged journey from their home in South Central to the surreal world of Beverly Hills. Read more » 

Boboshanti Culture: The Enclave

After ascending a steep, rocky path in the blazing Jamaican sun, we reach the impressive entrance to Bobo Hill. A bamboo guardhouse manned by a Rasta in white military clothes is decorated with biblical quotes and has a plaque that reads "Ethiopian Congress." Fresh-faced children dash about an idyllic settlement of wooden huts dispersed across a hillside, the entire thing surrounded by a bamboo fence in fading shades of red, gold, and green, the colors of the Ethiopian flag adopted by Rastafarians to pay homage to former Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie I, their spiritual leader.


Silent Flute's Favorite Things

"Being from Baltimore, it was tough to get involved in the stuff that I'm interested in," 25-year-old Nat Thomson tells me when I ask him about the impetus for starting his web blog A Silent Flute. Thomson's thorough street-style coverage means New Yorkers read it to find out what's fresh in Japan, while you know his ill grasp of East Coast slang is being jocked by thousands of Gotham-obsessed teens in Shibuya. Thomson, whose all-time favorite things include T. Read more » 

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