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Caroline: A Degree In Dream Pop

A fascinating voice has ascended from the bustling musical circuitry of Japan: Caroline. With dreamy vocals and captivating programming-somewhere between the melancholic charm of The Cranes' Ali Shaw and the innocently sensual minimalism of the Ghostly International roster-24-year-old Caroline Lufkin is staking a unique place for herself in a pop-ambient sphere already congested with Björk and Tujiko Noriko imposters.


Prozack Turner: Comes Back Hungry

When Prozack Turner (of Bay Area hip-hop act Foreign Legion) left the States last year for a six-week retreat in Ireland, he wasn't exactly on a quest for rest and relaxation. He headed overseas with his rhyme book in hand, on a mission to record his new solo effort, Bangathon. "When not in the pubs, I was in the studio or on double-decker buses writing the album," recalls Prozack in his Bay Area twang. "So it was definitely a great place to get away and put things into perspective."


Edu K: A Brazilian Punk Hauls Ass

The raunchy, distorted crunch of an electric guitar's power chords; the chest-convulsing thump of a speaker-wall of beats; a soccer mob chanting the booty-worship refrain "Vai, Popozuda!" (which translates roughly to "Shake that hot ass, girl!"). For the past four years, it's been hard to escape "Popozuda Rock 'n' Roll," Brazilian producer Edu K's anthemic mating of metallic guitars with Rio's bass-heavy baile funk. The song has appeared on Brazilian rock radio, favela funk compilations from Diplo and Essay Recordings, even European car commercials. Read more » 

Border Crossing: Soul Survivors

It's been nearly three years since Boder Crossing's debut, Ominous, was released in the UK. After their first label, RG, went out of business back in 2004 and the duo-which now consists of DJ/producer Seorais (pronounced "shorus") Graham and turntablist Alex Angol-renegotiated their rights, French imprint Recall picked up the slack and gave Ominous its proper credit. Read more » 

Alden Tyrell: Disco Fried

While gallons of ink have been ceremoniously spilled over the music scenes of Detroit, Berlin, and Chicago, the southern Dutch shipping port of Rotterdam remains a neglected focal point of electronic innovation. But even an accidental tourist in the city would notice the extent to which electronic music permeates life on the Nieuwe Maas river. Open the door of any cab and be bludgeoned by the bellowing sound of 180-beat-per-minute gabber; pass any café with its doors ajar and galloping 808s pour out.


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