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War Inna Babylon

Most Jamaicans can’t be bothered with the War on Terror, but the music tells another story.


Whitey: Causing an Electro-Rock Riot

By his own admission, the electro-rock powerhouse named Nathan J. Whitey is a lazy, alcoholic bookworm. “I’ve spent most of my life either drunk or reading, but I learned how to play instruments in between,” he says, before detailing his new regime. “I drank nothing but Jack [Daniels] for years, but I realized it was making me fat and stupid. Read more » 

Boom Bap Project on Rap's Formulas

“The goal of the Boom Bap Project is to preserve the hip-hop culture through music,” proclaims MC Karim, known as Nightclubber Lang to those who have helped him and his Boom Bap comrades Destro and DJ Scene build a solid rap foundation in the underrated Pacific Northwest scene. “We came up with the name upon when we decided to make an album chock-full of hard beats and rhymes, true hip-hop shit. The name was not chosen as an homage to anyone or anything, but describes what you’re gonna get from us musically.”


Monika Enterprise: Offbeat Electronics

Germany’s Monika Enterprise arose from living rooms full of refugees. Label founder Gudrun Gut remembers “the Wohnzimmer [living room] scene” of 1997, when homespun venues were some of the only places for underground electronic artists to play in Berlin (as DJs were only welcome in so many techno clubs).


Jenny Toomey: Defending Artists' Rights

Jenny Toomey can’t seem to sit still. I can hear all manner of clanking and shuffling in the background as she answers my questions over the phone. But that’s the kind of activist she is: never resting, never quitting. It’s how she was raised: “My parents were very political,” she confides. Read more » 

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