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Addictive TV: Habitual Visuals

Pioneering digital rights organizations like Creative Commons and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are probably drooling over the possibilities that have opened up thanks to the work of audio/visual artists like Addictive TV. Light years beyond the gallery realm of masters like Bill Viola, this British collective's collages do more than question typical art concepts-they're on the vanguard of changing copyright laws and ideas of media ownership. Read more » 

Deanna Templeton: Life from SoCal

It’s impossible to discuss Deanna Templeton without mentioning her husband of 15 years, pro skater and Toy Machine founder Ed Templeton. Despite the couple’s successful marriage and frequent collaborations, however, her gradual rise to prominence is no mere extension of her husband’s notoriety. From her teen years spent in the L.A. punk scene (where she appeared in music videos for the likes of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dokken, and Megadeth) to her thought-provoking photography, Templeton is a poster child of unbridled sincerity. Read more » 

People Under The Stairs

Since 1998, the duo known as People Under the Stairs has been purveying down-to-earth hip-hop ideal for backyard barbeques and cruising down the avenue. For Thes One and Double K, it's always been more about banging out the funk than bending your mind with rhymes. But things change, even for PUTS.


Delphi Collective's Favorite Things

San Francisco's Delphi Collective adds a humble touch of class to an over-hyped design world. In the past four years, Matt Irving's company (which encompasses a t-shirt line, an online portal, and a design house) has logged some serious coups, including the Nike Hunter Dunk, board graphics for Stereo, and a shoe and signature series of boards for Element. Irving is also involved in Umbrella Market, an online shop for one-of-a-kind items by Jeremy Fish, Mars-1, and others. Read more » 

Electronic Queer: Broken Silences

In 1994, LA-based artists Dont Rhine and Marco Larsen formed Ultra-red, a collective of musicians and activists that defined the culture-jamming ideals that made mags like Adbusters and artist Shepard Fairey so popular. Since then, Ultra-red has grown to include numerous artists and community organizers from a variety of political struggles. Read more » 

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