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Jon Cutler: Puts "Class" In Classic

Brooklyn has always loved to dance, whether it's disco, hip-hop, rock, or the sometimes-ignored streak of house in the borough. DJ and producer Jon Cutler belongs in the last camp, spinning smooth-yet-relentless deep house that calls to mind the soulful, funky disco that spanned the city in the '70s. While his 12", "It's Yours," is a bona fide house classic–still getting played three years on and even mashed up with Usher's "Yeah" by an anonymous white-label bandit–Cutler came to house almost by chance.


Colossus: Honorary Oakland Funk

Back in 2002, the Bay Area became home to a 6'8" Londoner named Charlie Tate, one half of the veteran jazzfunk/drum&bass duo King Kooba and former bass player with Neneh Cherry's band. After four King Kooba albums for Second Skin and Om Records, Tate settled into the Oakland lifestyle like a soft couch. He started the laid-back weekly club night Slow Gin with Om's PR man Gunnar Hissam (a.k.a. Read more » 

Battles: Don't Do the Math

Battles pencils in rock and roll so pristine and mathematically precise that a slight breeze might shatter it. Each guitar note, microtone, and beat is fixed like leaves on a tree branch that break off and continue the music as they skitter down the sidewalk. Just don't call the New York quartet "math rock."


AlterNet: Sense And Nonesense

In the aftermath of the 2004 election, countless scribes have performed autopsies on the Democratic body politic–unfortunately they've emerged with a message that's about as coherent as John Kerry's vision for a New America. AlterNet's Start Making Sense:Turning the Lessons of Election 2004 Into Winning Progressive Politics (softcover; Chelsea Green Publishing, $12), edited by Don Hazen and Lakshmi Chaudhry, attempts to better address the myopia that has blindsided Democrats and progressives alike.


Adult: Hearts of Darkness

Adult. once said they made uncomfortable music. How fitting then, that I have just taken them to the most uncomfortable place on earth: New York's Museum of Sex. And now I'm standing next to Adam Lee Miller, Nicola Kuperus, and their new bandmate–Tamion 12-inch guitarist Sam Consiglio–in a darkened room punctuated by canned male laughter and smacking sex sounds. Nicola and I are paused next to a screen flickering with an image of two men jacking each other off, while I feign interest in the accompanying text about this history of pornography. Read more » 

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