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XLR8R's Best of 2011: Podcasts

Every Tuesday, XLR8R adds a new chapter to its ever-expanding cache of podcasts, always in the form of an exclusive mix from an artist who's piqued our collective interest. The list of podcast participants is a varied one, with relative unknowns delivering DJ sessions right alongside established producers and outright legends. Similarly diverse are the sounds represented, with some DJs aiming directly for the dancefloor with pulsing house and techno, others assembling ambient sound pieces, and some artists throwing caution to the wind and mixing things up in an indescribable fashion. Yet, regardless of what it sounds like, the debut of the XLR8R podcast has become one of the most anticipated events on our site each week. Selecting our favorites from 2011 was no easy task, but these were the podcast mixes we found ourselves coming back to again and again.

10. Rolando

9. Nguzunguzu

8. SCB

7. Dark Sky

6. Canblaster

5. Robert Hood

4. Sully

3. Kingdom

2. Nicolas Jaar

1. Mala

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