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Shot Calling: Telemarketing

"I read the phonebook like a novel when I was a kid," says Alexi Morrissey, a conceptual artist based in Pittsburgh. While Morrissey, a former graffiti artist from Boston, was searching for a hotel-style wake-up call service, he discovered robotic dialing–suddenly, all his attention was turned back to the phone. Wake Up Call,, an online project created by Morrissey and Damien Miller, allows users to choose from over 70 audio artworks, and have that work delivered to any phone number. Read more » 

DJ Mehdi's Artist Tips

Parisian DJ Mehdi's debut full-length on Ed Banger, Lucky Boy, encompasses so many different styles that a single listen can make your head spin. We were interested to know how he changes gears so smoothly and what tools and production philosophies aided one of the year's most promising hip-hop/not-hip-hop records. Here Mehdi breaks down the process, one song at a time.

1. "Busy Being Born"

The Evolution of Helvetica

As Plexifilm's president and head producer, Gary Hustwit's usual pursuits are music-related–everything from the recent Detroit techno doc High Tech Soul to Wilco's I Am Trying to Break Your Heart has passed through his productive hands. Read more » 

Somewhere: Tecnobrega in Brazil

Brega, in Portuguese, means something of bad taste; it also refers to a genre of Brazilian popular music whose songs are usually about heartache, and include questionable use of synths and strings. Despite being virtually ignored by the media of Rio and São Paulo, brega has been hugely popular for decades with the favela dwellers of Northern Brazil, particularly in Belém do Para. Eventually, brega met electronic music, birthing the rudimentary dance music known as tecnobrega (roughly translated: "cheesy techno").


Soil & Pimp Sessions

The stage at Camden Jazz Café in London is a riot of Japanese musicians rocking rainbow-colored boutique hip-hop wear, skater steez, and '70s gangster suits. The saxophonist thrusts his instrument towards all four corners of the crowd before dropping to his knees and soloing his sax like it's an electric guitar. As he finishes, the six-piece band launches into a crescendo of jazz. Read more » 

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