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Z-Trip: Gridiron Beatdown

With massive club tours, headlining spots at Coachella, and an opening gig for the Rolling Stones, DJ Z-Trip has had one hell of a ride since hitting it big with the now infamous mash-up classic Uneasy Listening Vol. 1 in 2001.


Turf Talk: The Bay Game

Twenty-eight-year-old Demar Bernstein (a.k.a. Turf Talk) is the most distinctive and original-sounding new lyricist to come out of the upstart, thizz-faced hip-hop subgenre known as hyphy. His is a powerful moniker–one that transcends the notion of a rapper speaking in the idiom of the streets, suggesting the entire lexicon of inner-city language itself.


Dandyism: Oscar Wilde's Revenge

Luxury streetwear is evolving like hip-hop in the '90s, and we're about to hit the coffee-table illbient part. Not that DJ Spooky is rolling out a line of well-researched tall tees, but there's a revived term floating around that I'm sure he'd love to give a lecture on: dandyism. Or rather new dandyism, as Chris Torres, Reebok sneaker designer and creator of the blog NewDandyism, puts it. Read more » 

Slav to the Rhythm: Fest Time

At the Exit Fest (July 12-16, 2007) you never know what's around the next corner. Quite literally. This year, there were 15 different stages crammed into every conceivable nook and cranny of the vast Petrovaradin fortress complex, which overlooks the Danube River in Novi Sad, Serbia. Read more » 

Matt Edwards In The Studio

In retrospect, 2001's "bastard pop" phenomenon was all about the triumph of wit over production prowess. However, as Radio Slave, Matt Edwards and Serge Santiago were among the few artists able to balance both. Their mash-up of Kylie Minogue and New Order ("Can't Get Blue Monday Out of My Head") became so popular that Kylie performed the remix at the 2002 Brit Awards–a move that legitimized mash-ups and scored Radio Slave more high-profile remix work.


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