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Waajeed Goes Global

Hold on to your custom New Era caps–we’re about to drop a bombshell: “Waajeed likes Queen.” So reported Ubiquity A&R man Andrew Jervis when asked to reveal something exceptional about the PPP front man and producer of XLR8R 110 cover artist Tiombe Lockhart. Read more » 

Ethan Rose's Artist Tips

Most of what Portland-based found-sound fanatic Ethan Rose records are things meant to be forgotten: antique player pianos, music boxes, the bells of a carillon, and soon, the wheezing of a dusty pipe organ. The melodies are near random, coming from punching a buckshot of holes in strips of paper (how music boxes are “programmed”), or breaking off nubs in player piano reels. Read more » 

Avant Punks on the Art of Noise

Video, music, drawing, graphic design, sampling–hell, even coding websites–it’s all art. That is the mantra being sung, spoken, and howled by a particular breed of avant-noise band, whose output bursts forth in giant waves of multi-format audio and images. Brian DeGraw and Lizzie Bougatsos of percussive neo-pagans Gang Gang Dance apply the same layers of goth grit and raw power to their art as they do to their trance-inducing live shows. Brian Chippendale’s fear of white space is echoed both in the chaotic drum assaults he creates for Lightning Bolt and his sugar-rush comics. Read more » 

Disco D and Fred Armisen DVDs

Hustle Harder XXL

Sally Shapiro Steps Out

To call Sally Shapiro “mysterious” is a bit of an understatement. The Swedish electro-pop singer refuses to divulge her real name or age, has never performed live, and insists that we conduct our interview via Instant Messenger. (She blames her infamous timidity and unconfident grasp of English for this decision.) Sally also exclusively collaborates with producer Johan Agebjörn, who has effortlessly carved her icy vocals and bubbly demeanor into perfect slabs of sophisticated Europop.


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