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XLR8R's Top 20 Downloads of October

If the top 20 most downloaded tracks of October can teach us anything, it's that it's a pretty good idea to remix massive pop and indie artists, like, say, The xx or Cassie. Apparently, it also doesn't hurt to work with music from producers like Jimmy Edgar and Lindstrøm, or make handcrafted hip-hop beats or rolling house jams. It honestly looks like just about anything goes when perusing XLR8R's list of the most popular tunes from the last month, just as along as the music is as respectable as the names and genres attached to it. Check out who all made the cut after the jump.

1. The xx "Angels (Shadow Child Unofficial VIP)"
2. Jimmy Edgar "Sex Drive (Jon Convex Dub Remix)"
3. Gillepsy "The Scientist"
4. Knx. "j∆M.FRºZE"
5. Pále "Orchidea"
6. Cassie Me & U (Mak & Pasteman Bootleg)"
7. Liar "Andreea Dava"
8. Monokle "Swan (Daisuke Tanabe Remix)"
9. Tropics "Popup Cinema (Kelpe Remix)"
10. Eagles for Hands "Gliterall"
11. My Dry Wet Mess "Berlin Stereo Hands"
12. Dreams "Lost Kingdom"
13. Ariane Moffat "Hotel Amour (Dubbel Dutch Remix)"
14. Sons of the Morning x Rafiq Bhatia "IV"
15. Lindstrøm "Rà-àkõ-st (Slick Shoota House Remix)"
16. Locked Groove "Affinity"
17. Lindstrøm "Ęg-gęd-ōsis (Lemonade Remix)"
18. Panama "It's Not Over (Ejeca's Rave to the Grave Mix)"
19. Ulrich Schnauss "A Long Way to Fall"
20. Kid Smpl "But I Don't"

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